Unique Franchise Opportunities

unique franchise opportunitiesFor those of you looking to be your own boss, but not looking to take big risks, franchising is the ideal solution.  Plus, there are so many unique franchise opportunities available it is easy to find one that fits your liking and lifestyle.

Franchising is a business arrangement where an established business (the franchisor) licenses its know-how, intellectual property, systems and processes, brand, the use of its business model, and the right to sell its product to another business, the franchisee

What Franchising Has To Offer

You might wonder what makes franchising the better option than the other alternatives of starting out on your own. Several come to mind:

  • Plug into a system: Most corporate managers or even sales people can quickly adopt to a system and framework. Even though you are the owner, you still work within a system much like a corporate structure
  • Safer Investment: Starting out with a product or service that is already established, has business systems and training in place, and has a target market reduces the chances of business failure.
  • Access To Considerable Resources: Franchising allows the franchisee access to the franchisor’s training and support systems, its established procedures, and its extensive experience of operating in the market.
  • No Experience Required: They train you! Plus, starting out with an established business model and product, and a well-developed system in place means you don’t need to have any business experience of your own.

Some Of The Best Unique Franchise Opportunities You Can Start In 2021

Once you have decided on the franchising route, the most pressing question becomes which business opportunity to go with. While the decision is an intensely personal one and will require you to consider several factors, we give you a list of some of the most unique franchise opportunities you can take advantage of in 2021:

Contender eSports

eSports is BOOMING! Many colleges and even high schools are developing varsity level sports teams in eSports. Contender eSports is the only franchise developed to bring the eSports gaming environment into a community based, mainstream gaming center. Their brand is associated with extraordinary retail products, amazing gaming stations, and an eclectic atmosphere bound to leave a lasting memory. With the eSports industry seeing a growth of a staggering 41.3%, this market offers considerable potential for new businesses to thrive. Some key factors of becoming a Contender eSports franchisee are:

  • Your approximate initial investment can be anywhere between $170,100 to $265,740, including a franchising fee of $ 39,000.
  • You get access to gaming stations expertly designed by Contender eSports based on 30 years of market experience. Additionally, extensive business and operational training are provided along with ongoing training and operation manuals.
  • As a franchisee, you pay an ongoing royalty fee of 6% of your weekly sales and are required to spend 2% of your weekly gross sales on local marketing.
  • This business is pure FUN. While no business experience is required, enthusiasm for gaming and entrepreneurial spirit is extremely important.

VooDoo Brewery

Another FUN brand, Certainly you could call it EDGY as well. VooDoo Brewery started in 2005 and spent years crafting the best beer winning many international awards. After establishing a successful business model and replicating across several different test markets, they moved to franchising, willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Offering a timeless classic as their product, there is no denying that this business opportunity is not only fun, it can lead to a profitable, sustainable business. Some factors you should know about becoming a VooDoo Brewery franchisee are:

  • The average investment is around $ 358,500, which is a quarter of the cost of other brewery franchise options. How? They brew the beer for you saving the investment into hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment
  • The tricky part of brewing is not your concern. Selling the finished product is your only job.
  • They also provide you with a unique, chef inspired, locally sourced pub food menu.
  • If you love beer, are fun-loving, can be the boss-man but still play well with others, then you are the perfect fit.

Waters Edge Winery

The Waters Edge Winery franchising model involves helping franchisees set up their own “micro-winery” in a retail space of 2500-4000 square feet. Grapes are globally sourced and ingredients shipped to you by the franchise…wine-making is done onsite. A huge variety of wines are offered: Common wines, hard-to-find brews, and those exclusive to Waters Edge. Some things to know about becoming a Waters Edge Franchisee are:

  • This franchising option requires an initial investment of anywhere from $229,270 to $746,215.
  • One of benefits with a Waters Edge franchise is their working partnership with Boar’s Head Brands. Through this partnership, Waters Edge can offer a light menu of foods such as flatbread pizzas, artisan cheeses and fruits, and desserts along with wine.
  • Waters Edge offers its franchisees complete support from finding a location to the building, and the grand opening. They have a 4-step simple wine-making process that is easy to learn, offer monthly newsletters to keep you updated on all the newest techniques and developments that can help your business grow, and provide training through different stages.
  • The ongoing royalty fees to be paid by franchisees is 5% of gross monthly sales.


Snapology is the hottest children’s enrichment franchise currently franchising. They even saw a boost to its business during the pandemic when children were homebound. It offers over 60 different types of fun programs for children including birthday party fun. Some factors of relevance for franchisees of this business are:

  • The initial investment can range anywhere from $39,000 to $73,500.
  • Snapology offers a variety of ownership options: Home-based ownership where you work in partnership with schools or the community; a brick and mortar discovery center, or a mobile S.T.E.A.M Lab bus.
  • Snapology offers customized support to franchisees on aspects of business such as general support or curriculum support.
  • They allow franchisees a degree of flexibility to adapt their systems according to their unique requirements.

Premier Martial Arts

The Premier Martial Arts is led by industry experts who have considerable experience in developing high-performance systems to help struggling martial arts businesses become successful. Martial arts is a fun business but Premier has a profitable model as well! Martial arts has gained a lot of attention in recent times with parents turning to it to help their children with physical fitness, self-defense, and character-building, which makes it an attractive business opportunity. Some factors for a franchisee to consider are:

  • The business model is designed to maximize the profitability of a business.
  • The initial investment can range anywhere from $141,048 to $201,448.
  • No martial arts experience is required to become a Premier Martial Arts franchise. You only need to have a passion for helping people.
  • The ideal site size should be between 1,200 to 1,600 square feet.

Tint World

Tint World is an auto styling and window tinting franchise. Automotive styling is a $43 billion market and as such has a lot of untapped potential, making it a very appealing franchising option. Some factors to know for a franchisee are:

  • Franchisees can expect to earn on average $970,358 in revenues in a year.
  • Total initial investment can range from $179,500 to $259,500.
  • Considerable training and support is offered including a self-study program and in-center training at the start.
  • Tint World provides all the marketing materials and is responsible for national marketing.


Showhomes franchising is a home-staging business with an experience of 30 years and is perfect for those with a passion for real estate. Real estate is a timeless market. It has and will always remain relevant, making it a steady and stable market to enter for a business. Some factors to know as a franchisee are:

  • Franchise opportunities are available across the country in several states.
  • The initial investment ranges from $85,650 to $164,500 with the average gross revenue amounting to $511,266.
  • They offer extensive support including one-on-one coaching, CRM software, online Showhomes University, social media management, etc.

So, if you find yourself interested in one of these unique franchises you might wonder if there are financing options available. Thankfully, there are several options to consider.

Franchise Financing: Where Do I Start?

Franchises are a proven business model and in today’s economy, franchises offer more than ever before in the way of stability and success. Not only are franchising opportunities available for beginners with little to no start-up funds or established franchisees hungry for a new outlet, now is also a great time to get into one of these businesses as they have solid infrastructure in place.

But, most franchise owners will tell you that obtaining financing for a new franchise can be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.   The good news is there are places you can usually take money from like banks, credit unions, friends and the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Here are few financing options for you to consider:

SBA loan: For franchise start ups, SBA is probably the most common funding source. With over 100 years and thousands of approvals under its belt, the SBA is one of America’s most trusted funding sources – a well-known choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses in need of funds. The SBA will not actually lend the money. They just guarantee it, Individual banks make the loans so underwriting criteria can vary. They have several different programs but the most common is the standard 7(a) for amounts form $25,000 to $5,000,000. Equity requirements go from 10% to 50% depending on the industry, the bank and credit worthiness of applicant.

The Franchisor: Some franchisors offer to finance new franchisees by reducing fees or partnering with lenders to help them obtain financing. A company that offers franchise opportunities will provide funding through a web page or Section 10 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. It is often difficult to determine which financing option generates the best return without comparing cost, terms, potential exposure and other features.

Traditional loan: Most businesses with a positive cash flow can obtain financing from banks and credit unions.  In the franchise world, lenders are more likely to lend money to those working with an established brand and proven sales track record.  Even then you will be subject to the bank’s underwriting standards and lending policies – meaning a it is critical to have a positive net worth and credit history.  Securing a traditional loan might also require additional collateral, regardless of the franchise you are looking to work with.

Summing it Up

Depending on your finances, personal tastes, location, and the like, you might find the franchise right for you here on this list of unique franchises that look to be rather very profitable business opportunities. Choose the right opportunity and you have taken the first big step towards a successful business venture of your own.