Semi Absentee Franchise Ownership

semi absentee franchise

Many people have a burning desire to own their own their own business, but circumstances prevent them from being able to make a full-time career change. For some they simply cannot pay personal bills while ramping up the business. Others really like their career but want to diversify income and investments. For these situations we recommend looking at semi-absentee franchises

What Is A Semi Absentee Franchise?

Before delving into the benefits this business setup can offer, it is essential to have a basic understanding of what it entails.

A semi-absentee franchise is a business setup where an individual operates a franchise that requires less than 15 hours a week from the owner. In many cases it’s less than 5 hours a week. This allows them to simultaneously continue with their own full-time job or existing business. Semi absentee franchises are typically businesses that are manager driven. You just manage the manager. They need less time and attention for success.

Many established franchisors actually offer semi absentee franchise options where they have a well-developed business model designed for semi absentee ownership.

What Are The Benefits of Semi Absentee Franchise Ownership?

There are several reasons why semi absentee franchising is becoming a popular option for many people. We take a look at the key benefits it has to offer:

  • Added Financial Security: For many professionals well-established in their careers, semi absentee ownership is their way of staying in their profession while adding an alternative stream of revenue to add to the financial security of their family life.
  • Diversify investments: When looking at a semi-absentee business you really are diverting investment dollars not working hours. Many people think of real estate as passive investing but if you have ever owned rental property you know its NOT passive! These are similar investments. They require your attention and engagement but very little hours on the job. They offer greater returns than stocks or real estate with similar time commitments.
  • Considerable Franchisor Support: Franchise systems allow the operation of a semi absentee business. The support, systems and training make it manageable allowing you to successfully create additional income and wealth.
  • Learn About Business While Working: Most people wanting to start their own business typically give up everything to start it, and with no prior experience of running a business set up, run a higher risk of failing. A semi absentee configuration allows you to continue earning from your job while you learn about how a business is run from your very experienced franchisor’s operations. It can allow you to be better prepared for when you do decide to start your own business in the future.

Businesses That Make For Ideal Semi Absentee Franchise Ownership Options

As mentioned before, not all businesses are suited for semi absentee franchise ownership. Typically, it is brick and mortar, manager run, traditional style businesses that most suit this type of ownership. Here, a few of the top semi absentee franchise options available from That Franchise Guy:

knockoutsKnockouts Haircuts For Men

Knockouts Haircuts for Men is an established man’s hair salon with numerous locations all over the country. Known for its quality of service and competitive pricing, it offers a semi absentee franchise ownership option to interested candidates. As a semi absentee franchisee of the Knockouts Haircuts For Men, you will be expected to invest less than than 5 to 10 hours a week of your time. And, your only job will be to manage the manager of the salon. Offering you low royalties and huge territories, this is a semi absentee franchising option not to be missed. (INSIDER TIP: That Franchise Guy owns 3 of these!)

sharkeysSharkeys Cuts For Kids

This award-winning kids’ hair salon is an established business with several branches in different parts of the country. It offers an established semi absentee and full absentee business model as its franchising options. It offers fully-staffed, turn-key business models, which means you don’t even have to do much extra in the business setup phase. While its nature of business already makes it a relatively steady source of income, Sharkey’s guarantees that its models are proven to be 100% resistant to recession. So, for those of you looking for steady, sustained earning, and an easy beginning, this is an attractive semi absentee franchising option.

lunchbox waxLunchbox Wax

With appearances becoming more important now than ever before, more and more people are turning to various cosmetic options in the market. Lunchbox Wax is a body-waxing salon that is growing in popularity in a fast-growing industry. The company started awarding franchises in 2013 and offers comprehensive support to its franchisees, which includes the provision of their proprietary products, training, and ongoing mentorship. While the initial setup might require a bit more of your time, once established, the salon can be effectively managed as a semi absentee franchise.

be balancedBeBalanced

BeBalanced is a hormone weight loss brand. BeBalanced weight loss centers focus on providing natural hormone therapy to help clients lose weight. With obesity and unhealthy lifestyles on the rise and becoming a serious concern, more and more people are turning to natural methods of weight loss. There is a lot of potential opportunities in the wellness industry and BeBalanced is an ideal way of entering this profitable market. While you might need to put in some extra time in the beginning, once set up, the store is likely to be easy to manage as a semi absentee franchise.

just love coffeeJust Love Coffee

Coffee and cafes will never go out of fashion and will remain universally loved products. Investing in a quality cafe franchise is one of the safest investments you can make. The Just Love Coffee Cafe is a growing business that takes its coffee and its cafe menu seriously. Offering a menu built around a waffle iron, it requires little for kitchen setup. The business offers its franchisees comprehensive support from setting up to training and ongoing help in every way possible. It offers a low-cost setup and a high-margin promise. While you might need to put in extra hours initially to learn, hire, and set up the business model but once established, the cafe can be effectively run as a semi absentee franchise.

hounds townHounds Town

Hounds Town is a popular doggie daycare franchise. A dog is a man’s best friend, which is why people are willing to do all they can for their furry companions. Hounds Town offers a simple business model, low investment, high returns, and the freedom and flexibility to facilitate a semi absentee arrangement.

wave maxWaveMAX Laundry

Laundry is a business that will never go out of fashion. It promises stable, sustained demand. The WaveMax Laundry is a great option because it actually offers a semi absentee business model for franchising. It promises a business model that needs few employees and that can run with very little management from you as the franchisee. As a franchisor, WaveMAX offers considerable support in helping you find the right location, design the right layout, and get the best equipment for the job.

Let That Franchise Guy Help Find Your Perfect Franchise

These are just a few of our top semi absentee, passive management franchises. We have many more to choose from so contact John Anderson, That Franchise Guy, to learn more about this type of business and how you can get started with your own.