Home Based Franchises

home based franchiseFirst, thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about franchising and home based franchises specifically. I know your time is valuable.

In layman’s terms, franchises offer independent business owners the ability to start their own business using a system developed by the company in exchange for franchise fees paid up front and royalty fees paid over time.

A franchise agreement will include rights to use of all proprietary marks, logos, systems, services and products. Ideally, they have proven over time that their system works in different locations by different types of people. This is not always the case though just because they are legally a franchise does not mean they are a good one. We’ll get more into that later.

Why pay franchise fees and royalties when you could just do it yourself? This is a great question that I get often. The reality is most of us (myself included) have the motivation and ability to be successful business owners, but we lack the knowledge, product or service, and fearlessness to start it from scratch. That entrepreneur is truly a unique individual. They have a new idea or better mousetrap and they struggle to get it to market. 1 out of 10, maybe 1 out of 100, really have success. Most go out of business within a year. That particular truth is why most of us are afraid to, or maybe just aren’t willing to, sacrifice our savings and our time without stronger odds of success.

Franchises help close that “fear” gap and certainly increase the odds of success. They provide us the product or service, so we don’t need to invent one. The best franchises provide the systems to market and deliver the product or service. They help you find good locations and teach you how to hire the right help. The result is franchises mitigate many of the risks associated with starting a business.

How much is all that worth? Well, it better be worth significantly more than they are charging you in royalties and fees! Seriously the evaluation of the systems, training and on-going support versus what you are required to pay them must be a key part of your research. That is a major reason why you want to work with a professional franchise advisor to find the right franchise for you.

Is Franchising Right for You?

Now that you have a basic idea of what franchising is, how do you know if it is right for you?

Almost everyone I speak to starts the initial conversation with some version of “I always wanted to own my own business.” That is the fleeting thought that sticks with them through their first job and every job thereafter. It’s part of the American Dream, right? We all think about it. Who wouldn’t want to have total freedom to come and go as they please and be known as the owner or boss?

It is no surprise that most people want to get into franchising for freedom and control. For some it’s money but most are tired of reporting to someone else and being tethered to a job. The draw is the freedom, flexibility and control of their time. It certainly was for me.

The next question that usually comes up is “How do you know if you are going to be a successful franchise owner?” Ok…can you handle the truth? The truth is you don’t know and unfortunately, I cannot tell you. Many people will stop right here after reading that but if you are curious about how to improve your odds, keep reading.

Yes. There is risk involved. You will have to commit time, and more importantly to most people, commit money. What if you lose everything? That is a possibility and one that stops many people from even considering a business. Let’s talk about how to minimize that risk.

I believe that anyone who is motivated can be a successful franchise owner if they are placed into the right franchise for him or her. Problems arise when they join a poorly run franchise or even just a franchise that is not congruent with their individual needs and skills. The franchise discovery process should be just as much about you as it is about the franchise. You must find more than a great franchise. Finding the right franchise FOR YOU is your goal.

What are Home Based Franchises?

Let’s start with what it is NOT. They are not scams, schemes, multi-level marketing or side gigs. These are legit, scalable business opportunities. Many people are unaware that there are low cost, high return businesses that can be built fast out the home with the support of a franchise.

What kinds of businesses are we talking about? Primarily they are service businesses. There is no product to showcase or inventory to warehouse and, thus, no need for brick-and-mortar office or retail space. This SAVES a ton on your start-up costs…more on that later.

How do you start and operate and, more importantly, grow a big business out of your home?


Can it really be that simple? No. Well, yes, it’s that simple but let’s say it’s not easy. It is work. Franchise Systems provide a playbook or recipe book to follow so in that respect, yes, it is simple. Can you follow instructions and follow a checklist? Can you work within the framework and structure of an organization? Are you a self-starter? Then, you can be a successful franchise owner with a Home Based Franchise.

It is important to point out not every franchise that calls themselves home based delivers the systems that allow you to execute and scale a business. Many do, but not all. It is important to do your homework, and preferably, work with a professional franchise consultant to make sure that you are with a great franchise brand, with proven systems, that fits your skills and goals.

Let’s talk about the Systems.

Home Based Franchises that do it right allow a motivated franchise owner to focus on what they do best running day to day operations, delivering stellar customer service, without having to worry about finding customers. The Franchise Systems that allow for this go beyond the model. They use technology that independent mom and pop businesses can’t afford. They handle the marketing for the franchise owners generating customers. They answer the phones with professional answering services beyond just a call center. They even have systems that allow franchisees to be more efficient while delivering exceptional service. They train franchise owners on how to streamline the work and the follow up. They even have systems for how to scale to bigger territory with multiple crews or teams!

What are some examples of home based franchises?

You’ll find exceptional franchise opportunities in:

  • Home maintenance examples
    • Landscaping
    • Windows, Gutters and Pressure washing
    • Maid Services
    • Plumbing
    • Pool Service
    • Mosquito Control
  • Home improvement examples
    • Painting
    • Kitchen Remodeling
    • Bath Remodeling
    • Flooring
    • Garage Makeover
    • Window Coverings
  • Real Estate Services
    • Property inspection
    • Property management
  • Business consulting franchises
    • Sales coaching
    • Cost Control consulting
    • Leadership & Management training consulting
    • Digital Marketing
  • Children’s extracurricular services
    • Tutoring
    • Programs focused on STEM, Art, Music, Fitness, etc
    • Parties and entertainment

How do I Find the Best Home Based Franchise?

Sorry to be cliché’ but you can do it the hard way or the easy way. You can go online and find tons of information about franchises and franchising. The key is not to just look for the most well-known franchises. You want to look for is the best franchise FOR YOU. That increases your odds of success significantly, but it also increases the complexity of your search.

The good news is there is a huge amount of information on the Internet for you to discover and sift through. The bad news is that massive amount of information is overwhelming and confusing. If you haven’t guessed, even though it sounds easy, this is the hard way.

So right about now I am guessing you are asking, “Ok John, what is the easy way?”

I am glad you asked!

The answer is you find a trusted mentor experienced in home based franchises and who is an expert in franchising to guide you through the clutter and help you focus on the most relevant brands best suited to take advantage of your lifestyle needs and your skill sets.

You will be attracted to claims of great returns and financial rewards. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details. The available information online is often inaccurate or outright misleading. The truth is there are a lot of very good franchise companies in home health care and senior care. You need a guide to help you find the right fit for you.

I am here to be that guide (And by the way my services are free to you. More on that later). These are just a few examples of how a great franchise may not be great for YOU…and that you will not see all the relevant information on the franchise website or in their marketing material. You will spend hours identifying them and researching them to find out later it is a bad fit.

So, how do you cut through the clutter? Let me help! Yes, I am applying for the job to be your mentor. I am thorough, patient, low pressure and most of all, fun. The process of determining if a future as a business owner is for you should not be stressful or painful.

If you really want to discover whether or not you are cut out to be a business owner, and if you really want to see if franchising is the right vehicle for you, please schedule a call with me. There is no cost or obligation. The worst thing that will happen is you’ll learn a bit about franchising, and probably something about yourself. Call or Text message me directly at 918 962 0506

If you’d like to get started on your own, take this short self-assessment that creates a profile out of your values, skills and experience. You’ll get a profile sent directly to your email and we can use it to get you franchise brand “matches”. Thanks again for requesting (and reading) my report on the home based franchise opportunity.