Finding Your Franchise

How do you find your franchise match? Once you make a decision to take control of your financial future and get into a franchise, the next step is finding the right one. If you haven’t yet downloaded my book, “Be the CEO of Your Life,” start there. The book is on the home page. It’s an easy read and walks you through the steps of finding and researching a franchise that will match your needs, skills and financial goals. Of course, I recommend a mentor or a coach. It will save you time but most importantly, they should help you avoid a huge mistake and potential loss. If you’d like some guidance, at absolutely no cost or obligations…ever, please reach out for a consultation. (Link to John’s calendar)

My process as outlined in my book, is essentially 3 stages:

  • Candidate research – I have to get to know you to properly match you with your franchises.
  • Franchise introductions – together we review your franchises and I help you evaluate them.
  • Franchise discovery & due diligence – Every franchise has their own discovery process but rest assured you’ll learn everything needed to make an educated decision.

Of course we include helping you find funding, legal and tax guidance if needed. This is generally part of the last stage. Candidate research is one or two phone calls with me directly. We will have you take a short franchise specific self-assessment and complete a short questionnaire.

In stage 2 we will spend about an hour together reviewing your franchises. If we have a narrow focus, it may be 3 or 4. If together we want to evaluate a larger variety across the franchise spectrum, we’ll likely review 6 to 8 franchises. At the end of this hour, we will identify 1 to 3 franchises to meet with directly. That takes us to stage 3 where we do an introduction call or webinar with the franchise and determine if you’d like to enter their discovery process.

Let’s talk. You’ll love my low key, low pressure guidance. My goal is to help you find your best, next thing. It may be a franchise. It may not. But I sleep at night knowing that I help you find the right situation for your goals.

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